We take pride in being a significant contributor to our community, and we give financially to nonprofits including charities, towns, and other community groups. We also contribute equipment and aggregate materials to charities for their use or to raffle for fundraising.

Perhaps most important, we volunteer our time and allow employees to volunteer their time during work hours to participate in affiliated groups and nonprofit organizations of their choice.

Our major giving is directed to:

Each year, we also sponsor the following charities:

In addition to annual sponsorships, we alleviate hardships and support causes that arise from local emergencies that need heavy equipment. We also donated to the Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina cleanup and Haiti earthquake recovery efforts.

In addition, we donate time, equipment and funds to support the Heavy Equipment Operator Program at Westbrook Regional Vocational Center.

We sponsor our employees’ memberships in construction groups and encourage them to take an active role in these groups. Currently, Jon Shaw is a director in the Associated General Contractors of Maine, Dan Shaw is a director at Camp Sunshine and Maine Aggregates, and have employees who are members in AGC of Maine, MBTACFMAABCIMAGorham Business Exchange. We also have several employees who are local youth sports team coaches.