Big Red is a 1937 International fire truck turned Monster. It is the largest truck of its kind measuring 38 feet long, 12 feet 4 inches wide, and 11 feet 9 1/2 inches tall. This “Big Red Monster” weighs in at 35,000 lbs. It has broken several Guinness World Records including the world’s longest and heaviest monster truck. Big Red was originally a ladder truck in service with the Danville, Kentucky Fire Department. The truck is equipped with 100 percent operational fire apparatus including fire extinguishers, fire axes, ladders, spot lights, and a hand-crank siren.

Owners Dan and Jon Shaw purchased Big Red for its ability to promote and raise funds for charities. Dan is on the board of directors for Camp Sunshine and believed that it would be a great fit for a children’s charity. Camp Sunshine is a retreat for children with life-threatening Illnesses and their families. The truck is used in parades, fairs, festivals, and other events to promote awareness for Camp Sunshine and raise funds.

To request an appearance of Big Red, please send an email to events@campshinshine.org.