Project Overview

In mid August of 2010, Shaw Brothers Construction was awarded the first phase of the Runway 18-36 Extension project at the Portland International Jetport in Portland, Maine. The first phase of the Runway Extension project was to install an earth and rock preload at the south end of the existing runway. This preload was required to consolidate poor existing soils in preparation for the runway extension. The contract documents required that the preload portion of work be completed prior to December 1, 2011 so that consolidation could happen over the winter months. This would allow phase 2 construction to begin in early 2011. Starting on the first of September Shaw Brothers crews constructed a 1,500 foot access road to get materials and equipment to the work area. The preload area was stripped of all organics and 20,000 cubic yards of granular soil was placed as a drainage layer for the 150,000 feet of wick drains that were installed. Once the wick drains were in place, the work of excavating, hauling and placing 177,000 cubic yards of material began. Utilizing its late model fleet of equipment, Shaw Brothers successfully completed the preload 4 days ahead of schedule.

At a Glance

Owner: City of Portland
Location: Portland, Maine
Project Value: $3,944,331.00
Engineer: Deluca Hoffman
Start Date: September 1, 2010
Completion Date: May 15, 2011

Project Data

Common Excavation: 130,000 CY
Rock Excavation: 112,500 CY
Embankment: 177,000 CY
Subbase Gravel: 24,950 CY
Wick Drains: 150,000 VF
12″ to 60″ Storm Drain: 2,500 LF
Erosion Control Blanket: 34,000 SY